The first aircheck I ever downloaded was from jingles.com in the spring of 2009, and it was a quite comical clip from KVIL in DFW from January 1, 2000. Then, among all the stress of senior year, in spring of 2012, I discovered aircheckdownloads.com. Suddenly my aircheck collection grew from 1 to about 20 pretty rapidly. I used some of the money I got from friends and family at graduation to buy a little Olympus recorder and a patch chord to hook up to any radio I chose, with the primary one intended to be a tuner that plugs into my phone. Since we were going to Rapid City SD in early July of that year, I figured I’d start collecting clips for tophour.com. Soon however, I realized that I was not, in most cases, getting just the legal ID, so I started thinking of putting some of my recordings on aircheckdownloads.com. However, I’ve sent the owner of that site 9 clips so far, of which he’s uploaded to the site 4. He also took several months to upload the first one after I sent it. At around the same time, my dad started a blog putting up his growing collection of shoulder patches that firefighters wear. I’ll have to ask him what happened to all the posts there, but it inspired me to put up my airchecks. It helped that last summer I had moved my site from x10hosting back to wordpress.com. Because uploading any audio there requires a payed space upgrade, I decided to come back to x10hosting for this site.