WOTW February 3, 2017

I apparently couldn’t have picked a worse time in my life to run low on audio for the site, but that’s exactly what’s happening. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll probably shut the site down when I run out of audio to post, and that’s looking more and more likely. That being said, it’s not happening right away, just pay attention to the schedule, and I’ll try to keep it myself. Today’s aircheck, which should have been posted on Friday, is WOTW, Orlando’s 103.1 the Wolf. Originally a Smooth Jazz station, 103.1 in Orlando flipped to Spanish CHR in 2011 when it was sold to new owners. The station was sold and subsequently flipped again to its current country format at the end of 2014. You’ll hear its competitor, WWKA, in a few weeks. Will we be back in Dallas to hear 103.7 KVIL as Amp Radio or stay in Orlando to hear WOMX tomorrow for this week’s scheduled aircheck? I don’t even know yet, as I haven’t fully listened to either fully yet, but I know you will get to hear WOMX. I’m not sure how well KVIL came out, so I’m not sure about that one.

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