KBKS May 29, 2016

I didn’t think the last aircheck was really long enough to get an impression of KBKS, so recorded this one the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This isn’t actually the entire aircheck I recorded, just the first 53 minutes. I did this the same way I did the KPLZ aircheck from November, the KBKS aircheck from two weeks ago, and the KHTP aircheck, as well as a couple other airchecks that aren’t posted yet, where the aircheck is split into short files, then I murge part of it back together to form a longer aircheck. The idea behind this is so I don’t get too familiar with a particular section of aircheck to the point I’m sick of it when using it as my usual background music as I’m working on my computer. That, however, isn’t working too well. In fact, this aircheck wasn’t intended to be posted at all, it’s just that the files lined up to make a perfect aircheck. In three weeks, we’ll hear part of the aircheck I’m listening to as I write this, though I’m well past where we’ll hear. Next week, it’s back to Long Island.

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