WIOQ July 16, 2015

Today, we feature a longer aircheck of WIOQ, recorded in the afternoon of July 17, 2015. I’m not sure what was going on with the receiver I was using that day, I had to use the Funcube SDR that the WPST stuff was recorded on because the Sony was offline. In addition, this was right after the aircheck of WPST that was recorded in the afternoon. Next week, we feature a better sounding aircheck recorded from the Sony earlier this week, and I promise it’ll be on Friday, since I won’t have to deal with my disk space being unexpectedly and unintentionally cut by my hosting provider. Yeah, that’s the reason I didn’t post yesterday, this site is using 569 mb plus the changes made today, and I was cut to 512 mb. Cleaning out my email wouldn’t have really helped as that’s only taking up 12 mb. So, enough rambling, and I’ll let you listen to WIOQ. Oh and one more thing, if anyone reading this has the ability to put up either a Sony XDR-F1HD or an RTL-SDR or something similar in the Miami area via Global Tuners, I’d really enjoy that, as I’d have an aircheck of WMIA up here. That’s what I’m listening to right now and I’m really liking it.

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