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KKCW January 4, 2015

It’s pretty common that I set the recording equipment up, then walk away to do other stuff, turning it off when I’m done. That’s what happened with this aircheck, as it was recorded the first Sunday of the then new … Continue reading

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Does anyone know where the Foo Fighters were founded?

No googling! If you guessed Seattle, you’re apparently right. So, why am I asking this question? Because the station we’re featuring this week is KFOO, the new Alternative station targeting Taccoma that launched in January as part of a massive … Continue reading

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KEHK February 6, 2015

Today we listen to KEHK again, this time as it sounded in February of 2015. With the former PD and afternoon host moving to Bend, it was going to be interesting to see what would replace him, but to my … Continue reading

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WIOQ March 28, 2016

Today, it’s as promised, the new WIOQ aircheck. I’ve decided that I’m not going to record them in drive time, because they screw with the clock at that time. It sure seems like iHeart loves to do that with their … Continue reading

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WIOQ July 16, 2015

Today, we feature a longer aircheck of WIOQ, recorded in the afternoon of July 17, 2015. I’m not sure what was going on with the receiver I was using that day, I had to use the Funcube SDR that the … Continue reading

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