KKRZ October 18, 2015

First off, let’s start with a correction to an earlier post. In that post, I said that it was Evergreen Media that flipped KGW-FM to Z100. While 100.3 in Portland did hold the KGW-FM calls and was presumably owned by Evergreen at some point, those weren’t at the same time. WHTZ in New York was owned by Malright Communications when it launched, and was sold a couple of times. If KKRZ was co-owned at the same time, it would have been sold at the same time as well.
The station did sign on as KGW-FM, but changed its calls to KQFM in 1954, and actually changed to the KKRZ calls in October of 1983, which went with a Hot AC format known as The Rose. We’re going to hear an aircheck recorded on October 18, 2014, the first one I recorded while living in Vancouver.

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