Returning to Long Island

The last station we’re looking at on our examination of the deal that saw what is now iHeart Media pull out of Long Island is WKJY, the Ac station that Connoseur already had on Long Island, that being WKJY. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a controversy to make me aware of a station, and that’s how I heard about WKJY. It was the morning show hosts that were suspended after some anti-gay comments in February of last year. As you’ll hear in this aircheck, they weren’t fired over that. The original press release I saw about the incident also mentioned that the station had been around for about 20 years, which to me means there should be some airchecks of it. It was this station that I mentioned sometime bak that we might listen to if I were able to get it recorded in time, but that didn’t happen. Then when it was announced that competing station WALK would be coming under the same ownership as WKJY in June of last year, that gave me the deadline I needed. So, one Thursday afternoon, I sat down and recorded this. Next week, we’re finishing up the longest stretch of W callsigns in a row with one more aircheck of WKJY recorded after WALK’s sale before we return to the west coast.

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