WPST July 17, 2015

If last week’s aircheck seemed really long to you you weren’t dreaming, it was the longest posted to the site so far, a record I never thought would be broken after the KOST aircheck of several months back. This week, we continue with WPST, an aircheck I recorded a couple days later in the mid afternoon. It’s also of note that the receiver and method I used for this one, last week’s aircheck, and the most recent WSTW aircheck were new to the site when that one went up. These were all recorded off of a Funcube dongle with the Global Tuners built-in recorder. Next week, I’ll see if the main Sony receiver out of Phili is fixed yet, and if so you’ll hopefully hear another WPST aircheck. If not, it’s off to this side of the country and the market I left a month or so ago.

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