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WPST July 15, 2015

Today, we cross the country and listen to the first of at least two from WPST. This is another heritage station with very little on it, having been around on 97.5 until 2005, when in an attempt to maximize the … Continue reading

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KMGE June 19, 2014

After what seems like several weeks of delays, it’s finally time to post this aircheck. This one, WKJY, KJR-FM, and WZPL were all at one time scheduled to go up at one time on the exact date they were recorded, … Continue reading

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KMPS July 6, 2015

Since I was out of town last week, I had to schedule last week’s post, and this wasn’t recorded when I posted that, but it was done a couple days later. We hear in this aircheck that common ownership with … Continue reading

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There is only one part

Ok, so the schedule is saying that this aircheck comes in two parts, but unfortunately that’s not quite true. Initially, I had thought that I could murge this clip with another one I had just recorded, but upon further inspection, … Continue reading

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WSTW June 17, 2015

Well, there’s not even a virtual relief from the heat this week, as we’re staying in the same market as last week, but only a couple weeks ago. As you may have noticed, last week’s clip wasn’t as long as … Continue reading

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