Well, it’s Friday

I really shouldn’t be up this late, but I decided to start listening to all the airchecks I’ll be posting here over the next year or so. No, I haven’t recorded them all yet, but I’m listening to the ones I have. I started about 9:25 last night and am on the second to last aircheck.
Now, onto the aircheck you’re hearing this week and consequently the one I started with tonight, WNOW in New York City. As with the KMCQ clip you won’t hear here for several months and the WRDW clip that will be posted much sooner than that, I wanted to get a clip of the previous format before it goes away. That’s exactly why when rumors of a rebranding to Amp Radio started flying at WNOW, I decided I needed an aircheck. I know it’s not much, but this is the result. Now, off to bed. [ /audio]

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