The only AM aircheck on the site comes this week

I’m honestly not sure how many of my readers remember the days when AM radio played the hits, I certainly don’t. For all my life, AM radio has been dominated by the talk, sports, and religious programming with the occasional music station here and there, especially in smaller markets, although the bigger markets do generally have one or two AM stations playing standards or some form of ethnic music. This particular station however, is a small-market country station coming from the Skadget Valley, about 50 miles north of Seattle, in what we’re still calling the Northwest Washington market. Also of note about this aircheck, while the majority of my airchecks have been recorded digitally, I do have a few of the early Seattle ones on cassette. Not only is this the last one of those to be posted, it’s the last I ever recorded on cassette. We’re 100% digital from here on out.

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