Returning to Portland, both virtually and physically

Interesting that as I was gone from Portland for spring break, I also left that market for this site. Today, we listen to the first aircheck I recorded when I came down here in July for an orientation.
The KXJM calls and Jammin’ branding have an interesting history in this market, dating back to 1999 when 95.5 fm, now KBFF, switched to Rhythmic CHR. Then KXL had been struggling since the early 90s when it dropped its easy listening format. That would last 9 years, until 95.5 went sports. Rose City Radio, which owned 95.5 at the time, transferred the intellectual property of KXJM to CBS Radio, who had just dumped the Rhythmic AC Movin’ brand at 107.5 fm. In December of 2008, CBS swapped 5 stations including 107.5, to Clear Channel in exchange for 2 in Houston. About a year after that was announced and about 6 months after CC took over, the station was relaunched as WiLD 107.5, bringing it in line with the Premium Choice Rhythmic format run by the company. Then, in late March of last year, the Jammin’ name was brought back and the station went gold-leaning as heard in this aircheck. That also reminds me, today happens to be 1 year since I recorded the KRSK clip from last year I posted around Christmas time. Ironically, I was down here for an appointment that would ultimately set the wheels in motion for me to move down here. So, there you have it, a summary of the history of the KXJM calls and branding. Now, I’ll let you listen to the aircheck, and join us next week back in Seattle. Oh and in two weeks? The only AM aircheck to be posted to the site, and probably one of only a handful of airchecks of AM stations recorded since most music stations went to the fm band.

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