Saying goodbye to eastern Washington, possibly for good

Yes, even though this site will make it to its second birthday for sure now, we’re already leaving the eastern two-thirds or so of Washington behind, unless I happen to get over that way and record some more sometime this year, which may or may not happen in mid-may, looking pretty likely not though. For this aircheck, the first I recorded in Pullman-Moscow and the last of that market you’ll hear on this site, is of the CHR, which has a big signal that reaches most of the southeast part of the state and like the othere two class C1 stations out of that area, can reach the 60 miles or so up to Spokane, from which I was about 20 miles to the west. If I were to rerecord this aircheck, I’d move my phone over a bit, as I didn’t have it in the ideal spot for Pullman-Moscow reception as I would find out later.

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