KBKS March 25, 2014

One thing I failed to mention last week was that I recorded that clip because while Bill had gotten a legal ID from KBKS when he was out here in November of 2011, they had since added the sponsorship that you heard there and I wanted to record that. Today however, we jump ahead nearly two years, to an aircheck I recorded on the same day as the KYNW aircheck I posted back in early August. What you’ll read later on in some of the airchecks from this year is I just wanted to see how long certain things I was doing around the place took, so I plugged in the recorder while monitoring and got my answer. That’s actually how both KHTP airchecks were recorded, and how the KYNW aircheck was recorded, as well as this one. Having a line-in on your computer is pretty handy, allowing you to listen and record the radio at the same time. I don’t remember what I was doing that took me more than the typical hour I spend every morning, but this day was unusually long, and I like to keep my airchecks around an hour long, it’s just that the last KKRZ one got away from me a bit. As you’ll hear, KBKS is sounding much worse now than it did even last week, and the ratings are really starting to show it. Next week we’ll stay on 106.1 with CHR, but in a much smaller market. In fact, all the stations I’ve recorded at 106.1 have been CHR. Now, enough of my rambling, I’ll let you listen as I have work to do.

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