Oh, how the mighty have fallen

I think all teenagers have an identity crisis at one point or another, and mine was in August 2008 and lasted through most of my freshman year of high school. While I don’t remember much about my problems during that time, I remember that I had to do without my BrailleNote and the hours I would spend on the internet with it for most of the summer of 2008. About 7 years earlier, I had gotten a free headset radio at Target, which at the time I didn’t like because I didn’t know the dial as well as I do now and because the headset was too big for my head at the time. One day however, when I was extremely bored, I pulled the thing out again, put some batteries in it, and turned it on. One of the stations that helped me get through this time was KBKS, which actually sounded great back then and is why airchecks from this period are on my most wanted list. Today’s aircheck however, comes from the same station 4 years later. Listening to the station now would make you think it has a severe case of depression, even when the listener is in a string of really good days that would last for the better part of 18 months. So, it’s 2015 now, is the station sounding any better? No, and you’ll hear that next week right here, in an aircheck that’s not quite a year old yet.

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