KFBW July 15, 2014

Finally, I’m virtually and physically in the same market for the first time since early August. As I was telling someone else earlier this week, when an airchecker is left to his own devices a lot can be accomplished, and that’s exactly the case here. This is the third of 6 airchecks I recorded when I was down here for an orientation in July. This was one of the stations I tried for from the Eugene Global Tuners node, but both KFBW and KWJJ are blocked by translators down that way, though they appear to have been received down there. So, they were naturally one of the stations I attempted to get when I was down here in summer and I was successful. No, this isn’t any harritage station, I was just attempting for the legal, since 105.9 was either smooth jazz or Classic Hits when Scott came through in 2006. It’s only since the flip to Classic Rock has 105.9 found stability, having broadcast under 7 previous callsigns since it signed on in 2000.

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