WSPK November 19, 2013

As I’m listening to Christmas music as I write this, we go back to November of last year, shortly after the New York City XDR came back online. Yes, there has always been a receiver in New York, but it’s been an Icom, which I don’t aircheck off of because they don’t receive the fm band in stereo. As I scanned the dial from that receiver one evening, I discovered WSPK, and after looking them up, realized they were one of the many harritage CHR stations that have no airchecks, so I corrected that a few days later, and the result is what you hear now. Before I got the long KKRZ one and the two morning show ones, this would have been the longest aircheck on the site, and unless I decide to record something else, it will be the longest one you hear between now and when I plan to shut the site down in August.

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