KHTP November 14, 2013

Oddly, this is the first time I’ve posted a Seattle aircheck while not being in the market itself. Also oddly, that likely won’t happen until January 16 when I’ll be posting a KFBW aircheck from down here. Today, we’re taking a listen to the relatively new Hot 103.7 in Seattle. After 22 years with a Tripple A format as 103.7 The Mountain, the station finally gave up after losing its way and its audience. After the station had adopted a Classic Rock lean, Entercom decided on the last day of August of last year, to pull the plug and flipped the station to Rhythmic Hot AC as Hot 103.7, which could have been enspired by the launch of WBQT in Boston earlier in the year. Today, we take a listen to the station as it sounded about a month into its run. Next week we go forward in time another 3 months, by which time they have jocks.

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