The country station that was not to be

Yes, we’re still talking about KKCW in Portland. The C and W in the call letters were supposed to stand for country and western, the original planned format for 103.3 fm. However, in 1984 when the station signed on, KUPL, which had been an easy listening station, beat them to the country punch. Therefore, that’s why KKCW is the Adult Contemporary station it is today, remaining as such since it signed on in 1984. This aircheck was recorded when I was down in Vancouver back in July for an orientation to Clark College, where I’ll be starting this fall. The one you heard last week was recorded the morning before things really got going, while this one was recorded the next afternoon and was the last aircheck I recorded before I skipped town temporarily. Next week, as we virtually make our way down the coast for more Los Angeles, I’ll actually be in Vancouver, and possibly may have more Portland airchecks by then. If not, it’ll be a few weeks, but not to worry, just check the schedule for what I’m posting when.

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