The longest aircheck so far is also the first in-market

There’s actually a lot to write about this aircheck. While this aircheck is the longest scoped on the site, it won’t be for long as in 2 weeks there will be a longer aircheck I obtained in a trade. Both are morning aircheccks. I don’t usually record in the morning, but I found myself up early on this particular morning, and actually had to wait a little for breakfast. Finding that I was the first one up, I said good morning to the staff person then went to record this clip. It’s also the first Portland clip you hear here that was actually recorded with me being in market, as I’m moving down there next week. I’ll post the next clip from here at home, but then I move. Next week I’ll tell you why I call KKCW the country station that was not to be. That’s the station you’re hearing this week too, by the way.

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