The only HD2 aircheck on the site comes this week

Today we return to Spokane and my July 2012 stay there. Apparently, even aircheckers and fellow radio geeks are not that interested in HD2 airchecks, so there aren’t many out there. I’m not out to change that myself as I am to try and fill in the gaps of some harritage stations, especially now that I don’t have a working HD radio, but I did record this one. The reason being, like so many of the airchecks on this site, I was trying to get the legal ID. Of the groups in Spokane, Clear Channel is the only one that uses HD Radio. Of those stations, KCDA is the only one Bill missed when he was over in Spokane in November of 2011. The result is this aircheck. Stay tuned next week when we return to the old-fashioned analog dial for KCDA’s main channel.

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