KKRZ September 4, 2013

On August 2, 1983 I believe it was Evergreen Media that launched WHTZ in New York City. About 6 months later, the Z100 name would come to WHTZ’s sister station in Portland, which if I have my history right, was KGW-FM. The station, which was renamed KKRZ, is still a sister to WHTZ, now owned by Clear Channel Communications. However, the airchecking histories of the two stations are vastly different. If you go to aircheckdownloads.com, you will find many airchecks of WHTZ, so many in fact, that I started to count them and excluding jingle packages, there are still at least 15 from the 80s alone! Likewise, if you search KKRZ on the same website, you’ll only find two airchecks, one of which is the one you’ll hear next week right here. The other is from 1994. I then figured that I had better try and fill in some of those gaps, so I started recording. Ironically, I only have 2 clips left, but I have every intention of recording more in the future.

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