Kicking off the month of KKRZ

Before I start today, I wanted to give a brief thanks to everyone who seems to have found this site over the past couple weeks. Site traffic is up considerably over the last couple weeks. Now, onto the airchecks that you’ll be hearing over the next month. The first one was recorded nearly a year ago, on May 9th of 2013. As I wanted to record all the legal IDs off the air, Global Tuners gave me the opportunity to do that. Within the first few days of having the account there, I recorded a number of IDs and airchecks, some of which you’ve already heard and some of which are still to come over the next 9 months as I clean out the backlog. Their are also many reasons for recording so much from KKRZ, and those will be covered as the airchecks are posted. For now though, happy listening.

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