KKZX July 26, 2012

Listening to that KKZX clip from last week, I realized that it’s not often you get a jockless aircheck when there’s actually a jock in the studio, but that’s exactly what happened with KKZX when I recorded last week’s clip. I guess that’s what happens when you’re just going for the legal then turning the recorder off. That actually happened in an earlier clip here too, but that was because my recorder died, not because I turned it off. In any event, that did not happen in this clip of KKZX today, and I usually try to not let it happen. The circumstances surrounding this clip were quite unusual in their own way. The legal ID that Bill recorded of KKZX had some very distorted audio, so I figured it was one I should rerecord when I was over there 8 months later. As you’ll hear though, it seems as if they had changed the ID in the time between our visits. Adding to the abnormality of this clip is that I wouldn’t have been able to record at that time, but my friend and I decided to stay in the dorm for lunch instead of going to the cafeteria on campus. This will also be the last you’ll hear of Spokane for a while, as next week we come back to this side of the mountains for a while.

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