The end of the year brings an end to a station’s archive for now

No, I’m not afraid to break from my normal title format. It is kind of nice when the end of the year aligns so nicely with the posts on this site, and that’s what’s happened this time. The next time I post, it’ll be 2014, and I’ll be continuing on up the fm dial. This clip was recorded on the same day as the clip you’ll hear from KMPS next week. There was really no reason, I just figured my iPod wasn’t quite done charging and I wanted to preserve a bit more of 92.5’s history. This is also the best of the 3 clips I’ve posted to hear the low-end distortion I was talking about last week, although it’s not quite as noticeable in this clip as it was in the actual recording due to the compression of the mp3 file.

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