The only Canadian aircheck on the site comes this week

Today, we go north of the border for a week. Once or twice a year, we get a pretty good tropo opening allowing relatively clear reception of both Vancouver and Victoria signals. Canadian stations are not required to do a … Continue reading

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KRWM March 21, 2013

Well, if I’m heading up to this market later, does that count? This looks to be also the closest I’ll ever get to posting an aircheck on its exact date, this turns 2 tomorrow. Next week I’ll be in the … Continue reading

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KLTH November 21, 2014

As mentioned last week, 106.7 in Portland relaunched as The Eagle in July of last year, shortly before KJR-FM relaunched as The Jet. As you’ll hear, it sounds largely the same as it did under the Oldies name. So, enjoy, … Continue reading

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Back in Portland again

Yep, as I finish the quarter, we’re back in Portland for the next two weeks, listening to KLTH as it sounded in May of 2013. This is what happens when you set up your equipment to record then leave the … Continue reading

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KWPZ June 27, 2012

I know the schedule said June 28, but my dates are a little sketchy on some of these early airchecks that were recorded on cassette. I’ve since gone all digital now, so that shouldn’t happen. There are 3 Bellingham signals … Continue reading

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WBLI November 21, 2013

This week we return to a market we haven’t been in in a long time, Long Island. When I recorded this, I thought WBLI was one of the many stations, mainly in small markets, that had no airchecks available. While … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to eastern Washington, possibly for good

Yes, even though this site will make it to its second birthday for sure now, we’re already leaving the eastern two-thirds or so of Washington behind, unless I happen to get over that way and record some more sometime this … Continue reading

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KBKS March 25, 2014

One thing I failed to mention last week was that I recorded that clip because while Bill had gotten a legal ID from KBKS when he was out here in November of 2011, they had since added the sponsorship thay … Continue reading

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen

I think all teenagers have an identity crisis at one point or another, and mine was in August 2008 and lasted through most of my freshman year of high school. While I don’t remember much about my problems during that … Continue reading

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KFBW July 15, 2014

Finally, I’m virtually and physically in the same market for the first time since early August. As I was telling someone else earlier this week, when an airchecker is left to his own devices a lot can be accomplished, and … Continue reading

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