The coolest legal in the industry

We are talking here about the current legal ID in service at WXTU, and it’s really the only reason I recorded this clip. I really just wanted a clip of my own of that station, and that’s a large part … Continue reading

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KQMV August 13, 2014

Today, we’re back in Seattle for an aircheck of a station we haven’t featured in a while, KQMV. This is one of 3 airchecks I recorded in mid-August of last year while I was catching up on 5 days worth … Continue reading

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Well, it’s Friday

I really shouldn’t be up this late, but I decided to start listening to all the airchecks I’ll be posting here over the next year or so. No, I haven’t recorded them all yet, but I’m listening to the ones … Continue reading

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KGON April 7, 2014

Back in the same market virtually and physically again, although this aircheck was recorded from Eugene. Those that read Radio Discussions know that when it comes to discussion of lp fm stations, the example I like to use is KHRB, … Continue reading

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The only AM aircheck on the site comes this week

I’m honestly not sure how many of my readers remember the days when AM radio played the hits, I certainly don’t. For all my life, AM radio has been dominated by the talk, sports, and religious programming with the occasional … Continue reading

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Finishing up the fm band in Seattle

It seems like it’s taken me forever to get here, but now we’re finishing up our first trip up the fm band with a stop in Seattle at the legendary 107.7 The End KNDD. This station was a pioneer in … Continue reading

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Returning to Portland, both virtually and physically

Interesting that as I was gone from Portland for spring break, I also left that market for this site. Today, we listen to the first aircheck I recorded when I came down here in July for an orientation. The KXJM … Continue reading

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KANY August 12, 2014

Today, we make a trip down the Washington coast to an area known as the Twin Harbors, Hoquiam being the other. The station in this aircheck is also fairly new, as it was originally licensed in about 2006 as KLSY … Continue reading

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The only Canadian aircheck on the site comes this week

Today, we go north of the border for a week. Once or twice a year, we get a pretty good tropo opening allowing relatively clear reception of both Vancouver and Victoria signals. Canadian stations are not required to do a … Continue reading

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KRWM March 21, 2013

Well, if I’m heading up to this market later, does that count? This looks to be also the closest I’ll ever get to posting an aircheck on its exact date, this turns 2 tomorrow. Next week I’ll be in the … Continue reading

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