The only HD2 aircheck on the site comes this week

Today we return to Spokane and my July 2012 stay there. Apparently, even aircheckers and fellow radio geeks are not that interested in HD2 airchecks, so there aren’t many out there. I’m not out to change that myself as I … Continue reading

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KYNW March 25, 2014

As I promised last week, we’ve got another aircheck of KYNW this week with at least some local flavor as it was recorded during middays when there is a local jock on the air, or at least a local-sounding one, … Continue reading

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KYNW July 26, 2013

Yep, doesn’t it just figure that I don’t even have the new schedule up for a week and I already have to edit it? Well that’s beside the point of this post, we’re now onto our first KYNW aircheck, recorded … Continue reading

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No joke, an April Fools Day KIIS aircheck from 2014

No, it’s no joke that this aircheck was recorded on April Fools Day. This is the second of two KIIS airchecks I got in a trade. I actually didn’t want this aircheck originally, but you’ll notice that that aircheck, posted … Continue reading

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KIIS March 31, 2014

There are only 2 reasons why, if I ever found myself in Los Angeles, I would record any airchecks from that market, though I would likely have my equipment with me. These would be if there is a new legal … Continue reading

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KRAO July 25, 2012

About an hour and a half drive south of Spokane are 2 college towns. On the Washington side is Pullman, home to Washington State University. On the Idaho side, it’s Moscow, home to the University of Idaho, where I went … Continue reading

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KEHK February 28, 2014

Happy fourth everyone. No, just because it’s a holiday does not mean that I’m taking the day off, although I almost didn’t post this today since I considered going out of town at the last minute. Now, on to this … Continue reading

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KEHK June 19, 2013

This week we continue with the sounds of KEHK from the summer of 2013. Unfortunately, the archives of stations don’t line up with the end of the month this time as next week will be the month of July and … Continue reading

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Making the I-5 drive once again

I was going to give you guys a bonus KPLZ clip this week, but I didn’t change the input of Audacity to just line-in, so I ended up getting my screen reader all over the recording as well. So, back … Continue reading

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KPLZ August 22, 2012

We’re only home for 2 weeks this time, then back on the road next week. For now though, enjoy KPLZ as it sounded in August of 2012. Although KPLZ is a harritage station, I’m ok with not many airchecks of … Continue reading

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